Lukanka Smyadovska Tandem 1.16 lbs.

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Smyadovska lukanka is a traditional Bulgaria lukanka , dired cured sausage that comes from the Smyadovo region near Shumen.
There are many legends about the original recipe of Smyadovska lukanka. One of them states that before leaving Smyadovo, Kosta Nikolov, the person who invented the recipe, locked into a bank safety deposit box where it remains not seen by anyone until today. Either way, Smyadovska Lukanka is one of the oldest and most respected Bulgarian dried cured sausages. Its characteristic is the use of Eastern-Balkan breed and spices of cardamom and garlic (apart from traditional black pepper), which determine its characteristic taste. It is made from pork and beef meat in a 70:30 ratio. It is indeed one of the best and most favorite Bulgarian sausages. Excellent authentic taste!
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