Shipping Information

We ship only in the USA. We do not ship outside USA as we are unable to guarantee delivery nor predict what restrictions and import duty or fees may be added on upon arrival in various countries.

Shipping Charges   For delivery of your packages, Malincho International uses the services of UPS and in most cases UPS Ground.


What does affect shipping prices?

Shipping Prices depend on: • The weight of the package & • The delivery address


How the weight of the package is determined and what does UPS weight mean?

The weight of the package is determined by increasing the gross weight of the products with certain percentage for extra cushioning and packaging and the result we call UPS weight.

Why does the tracking number provide “Billing Information Received”?

A tracking number will be sent to our customer via email once the package has been printed and scanned by our carrier. Due to the process it is possible that your item might have a 1-2 days tracking number information. Here are a few possibilities as to why the tracking information displays “Billing Information Received.”

1. The shipping label has printed but order as not been shipped. In this case your order is in process of packaging but has not been scanned at the carrier’s station. Your item will be shipped on the next business day.

2. Package has been processed and shipped:  Due to the varying times of purchased (like midnight) and volume of shipments processes every day, our staff will not be able ship your package until the next day. However you can be assured your label will be printed and scanned by our shipping carrier’s system as soon as possible.
* If the shipping company miss-scanned the shipping label of the package at the facility. While our carried updated their information daily, when the packages gets to our carrier facility, all the label will be updated to their system. When the label is miss-scanned at the facility and after their updated, their website will post the item tracking number as “Billing Information Received”. While your tracking number still show “Billing Information Received”, that does not mean that your item has not been shipped. At times the package was miss-scanned and the item is being shipped to the destination. In order for the tracking number to be updated by the carrier, the item will need to reach the destination facility to be scanned again. The tracking number will e updated there, this process will normally take 2-5 business days depending the distance of the destination.With delays our team recommends that you wait 2-3 business days for further updates of the tracking information. However if there is still no information after this time, you should contact us for the most up to date information. If you have any other tracking related question, send us email or give us a call, our customer service team is hopeful that we can assist.

Holiday Season There is a 50% increase in order and mail volume during Holiday season and this can impact processing and shipping. December is our busiest month.